Alain Klijmij

Alain started out in casualty simulation make-up in 2011, when he left the military. In his early years of casualty simulation, he worked as a veterinary technician. In 2015 he started focussing on casualty simulation fulltime, whilst also getting his credentials to teach first aid. He met Melissa in 2019, and after working together on several jobs they decided to team up and start Salem Studio’s in 2020.


Melissa Kirsenstein

Melissa started as a MUAH student in 2018 at ROCvA, where she learned to make handmade prosthetics, theatre make-up, beauty make-up, bodypaint, cosmetics and special effects make-up.

During this 3 year education she worked with various photographers and artists, among which Keiichiro Hirano, Felix Lammers, Jasmin Heinz, Cinema makeup school, Maria Malone and many more.

So truely an all-round make-up artist!