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Sculpt boards

Never struggle to make walls around your sculpts for flat moulds again. These gypsum sculptboards fit perfecty in their containers, giving you perfect rectangular flat moulds, which you can stack neatly. The container also protects your sculpt during travels.

Small (10,5 x 7 cm)€ 6,05
Medium (14,8 x 10 cm)€ 9,08
Large (19,5 x 13,5 cm)€ 12,10
Set of 3 (S, M, L)€ 24,20


When in need of glass shards or splinters, you’d want to avoid using real glass to prevent your model from getting hurt. These bags contain fake glass made from silicone rubber, which can be cut, broken or crushed to look like broken glass or ice.

Bag 50 gram € 7,50

For larger quantities please contact us.