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For make-up artists

Sculpt boards

Never struggle to make walls around your sculpts for flat moulds again. These gypsum sculptboards fit perfecty in their containers, giving you perfect rectangular flat moulds, which you can stack neatly. The container also protects your sculpt during travels.

Small (10,5 x 7 cm)€ 6,-
Medium (14,8 x 10 cm)€ 10,-
Large (19,5 x 13,5 cm)€ 15,-
Set of 3 (S, M, L)€ 25,-

Salem Silicone

This thick silicone paste can be used for various applications.

Standard version (20 minutes working time)

€ 30,-

Fast version (2,5 minutes working time)

€ 35,-

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For medical/first aid trainers

Woundpacking trainer

€ 299,-

This woundpacking trainer is made of a soft silicone, for a realistic feel. Our woundpacking training model has a large, deep laceration and a bullet wound.

All models include tubing, 60cc syringe, 3way valve and an IV system, so the model can be hooked up to an IV bag with simulated blood. IV bag is not included.

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woundpack 1
Woundpack 2
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Automation upgrade:

You can purchase an automatic pump to simulate bloodflow on the model. You can use multiple woundpacking trainers on a single pump.

€ 150,-

Haemostatic training gauze (still in development)

This gauze is impregnated with a setting powder, simulating haemostasis. When the powder comes into contact with liquid and pressure is applied, it becomes a gel-like solid in 3 minutes.



€ 175,-


€ 20,-

The fingers can be made with or without keychain. Let us know if you prefer fingers with or without keychain ring.

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Fake glass


€ 7,50

A bag of 50 grams glass shards and splinters, made from a silicone rubber. Creates the illusion of glass, without actually harming anyone.

Breakable glass (available soon)

€ 15,-

This plate of breakable glass is sturdy, but breaks when pressure is applied. This is a safe, plastic glass that doesnt cause injuries.

Wound Prosthetics (still in development)

These silicone wounds are easy and fast to use. They can be strapped on with velcro on an actor or manikin.

Model 1:

€ No pricing available yet

Model 2:

€ No pricing available yet

Model 3:

€ No pricing available yet