Professional Info

Both Make-up artists are specialized in the making of prosthetics for Film, TV and Medical trainings.

We are a professional and positive duo! If you need a Mua(H) for your Film, TV serie or Medical training we are here to help you. 

Contact us through our instagram page @Salemstudiosfx (below) or contact information.

Work experience


2021Glow up – The Next Dutch Make-up Star
The lip, nose and cheekbone prosthetics used in this serie were made by us.
2021Siem en de Draak
We provided film make-up and prosthetics for this movie.
2020Christoffel Ko Hummus & de grote ontdekkingstocht naar jezelf
We provided SFX Make-up, Film make-up, Hairstyling, Tattoo  coverage, Tattoo make-up and Bodypaint for this movie.
2020Wachten Op Morgen
We provided both Film make-up and Prosthetics for this movie.
We also made several character designs (facecharts).


Running timeProduction
2017 – currentOmroep B – A comedy sketchgroup exploring the absurdistic and dark depths of humor.


ROCva (ROC van Amsterdam)

Education: Allround Make-up artist

At the ROCva School Melissa Kirsenstein studied for the 3-year course to become an allround make-up artist,  At this school you are taught: Hairstyling, TV Make-up, Beauty Make-up, Bodypaint, SFX Make-up, Schmink and the making of several Postiche. 

With these skills you are able to work as a MUAH (Make-up and Hairstylist) in several working sectors, For Example: Theatre, TV, Films, Fotoshoots and as Muah for Medical Training.


Postiche making (wigs, mustaches, brows etc..)

Hairstyling (Cutting and Forming the hair)

TV Make-up (HD Make-up application)

Beauty Make-up (Fotoshoots and brides)

Bodypaint (Application of bodypaint and airbrush)

SFX Make-up (Making and application of SFX make-up and Prosthetics)

Schmink (bellypaints, Kids facepaint)




Over the years Alain has attended and completed several courses and workshops to specialize in medical moulage. He has provided moulage for over 10 years for several EMS companies, fire brigades, (para)military security companies, department of Defense, law enforcement agencies, hospitals, civillians and corporations across Europe.